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This is my inaugural post on this blog, which was designed by my beautiful daughter. I became her Dad when she was 8 years old. We’ve both always had a Major League Love of Music. We both believe Music is as important to life as Oxygen, Food and Love. I’m 64 years old and the GAP between my parents and I was huge. However, My step-father did turn me on to some good stuff: Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennett. etc. It was our sweet spot. But for the most part, there was still a huge GAP. For example, I could never have my parents listen to my new Alice Cooper 8-track! But my Daughter and I always had “edgy” tastes in music. Not that we always agreed, nor do we today, but she turned me on to some great stuff: The Clash, the Pogues, etc. Thus this blog…. Let us share. Music is a bond between generations – in both directions. I hear some of my parents music and I get chills. Same with my daughter’s stuff. She has a very sophisticated ear. So join us, if you wish. Let’s share, debate, and argue (with tact and nice language please). Let’s turn each other on to new stuff. Love to all ya’ll. The Dad

13th Baronet

No matter what stage of life we’ve happened to be in or how much geographical distance has been between us, music has always been a special bond that I’ve shared with my dad. Without his presence in my life, both my appreciation and knowledge of music would have suffered. I spent countless hours in the backseat of the family car listening to classic rock, oldies, and even some big band on whatever radio station my dad could find. We watched music videos, movies, and documentaries together on TV. We’ve seen many live shows together of bands from many genres. Even now, at 42, when dad and I hang out in the garage and talk about life, the universe, and everything, there is always music playing in the background. That’s not to say that our tastes are exactly alike; I’ve taken many a detour into some less ahem palatable genres, such as punk, industrial, rap, and techno, but even then we usually manage to find some common ground. (Like the Clash and MC 900 Foot Jesus.) By collaborating on this music blog, we want to continue our decades-long, unspoken dialogue about what moves us, what we think is important, and who we are. We hope that you’ll join in, debate, and enjoy along with us! As the immortal bard said: “If music be the food of love, play on…” – The Daughter

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